John and Graham Online Fan Club

In their relatively short lives, Graham Oliver and John Jenkinson have graced the world with many great things, none of which are coming to mind immediately, but they are out there. Trust me. If anyone thinks of one, please mail me. I have been following them for some time now and I even had the chance to get to meet them in person at a dinner party thrown by SOFA (Society to Overthrow the French, Associated.) (see the picture below).

Note: On a recent airing of MTV's BioRhythm, a story concerning a sheep and John and Graham got out. I want to tell everyone that these rumors are completely false.

NEWS: John and Graham are scheduled to appear on Dave Letterman (during his French tour) on 11 January 2001. Be sure to tape it. I am hoping to get pictures scanned in!

Biographical Data

Name John Graham
Height Tall Even taller
Hair Yes Yes
Eyes On occasion Yes
Intelligence n/a n/a
Dress Only once Looking for pics
Answer 42 Hot Dogs
French ??? ???


I once had the opportunity to ask John and Graham a few quesitons about their upcoming plans. I only had a minute before their personal security picked me up and threw me over a small wall, but this is what I got in the mean time:

Hank (me): So Graham, any future raids on France planned?
Graham: Dude, that's not cool!
Hank: John, have you ever thought of going to all out war with the French?
John: Sweet!
Hank: Graham, do you ever have thoughts of retiring?
Graham: Only after I come in from a long hard day of....

...and that was about the time that security came around.

Some pictures

Creaters of Peanut Butter
in action

Defenders from the French
umm... defending!

This close!
Really, he was!

The Promoters of Suuaaavity
meeting me (at a SOFA dinner)

An anonymous fan sent in a link of an incognito John at a gala event
Faithful follower Adam Taylor sent in this picture of the two doing their thing.


"Thanks for the site. I have been following John and Graham since I saw them on 20/20."
-Wayne Newton

"I saw John and Graham in 'Boot Camp' - what an experience!"
-Gretchen York, age 16

"Landy Bassoon Repair offers professional Bassoon and Contrabassoon repair/restoration."
-Landy Bassoon Repair

"He was such a good little puppy, but when he grew up, he was a bad dog!"
-Graham's Mother

"My name is Chris an I am so smart my head can't hold my brains inside so I use tissue paper instead to hold it in but it doesn't always work so I sometimes I forget things really easily like my name for instance or how to type but anyway what?"
-Chris Yee

"I used to like John and Graham, but then I learned that they lip-sync on occasion."

"Did it hurt when you got thrown over the wall?"
-Erin Cook

"Did anyone else see that John had a cameo appearance in the Baywatch that aired 23 July 1999?"
-Karen Teder

"good god hank! you sent me a page of scantily clad women!"
-Kelly Carneal

"I saw Graham and John on Lifetime's "A Baby Story." It was the beginning of a miracle."
-Emily Wright

"What iz eet with thiz John and Gra-ham? I dew not like zem!"
-Random Frenchman

You can email me comments at I am glad to hear that I am not the only fan of John and Graham (I figured that was a definite possibility).