Bad picture of Amelia
It's Cassie!
Chi chi
Drew and his...erm..."hand cannon"
Erin and Marky
Erin choking Marky
Johanna's group on the last night
Johanna's group with Ryan's mural
Transforming a normal Debra into...Purple Satan!
Some Medieval lit peeps singing "I Will Remember You" on the last day
Bad picture of Johanna, the tall Swedish blonde
Jon and Thomas doing "Baby Rolls Macs" (I tried to get a picture of it, but was too late, so this actually captures them trying to remember the rest of the words...)
Medieval Lit!
Marky Marks with the oh-so-lovable and ghettolicious Collinsworth!
Monica and Thomas...
Debra aka Purple Satan
A bad picture of our little pile of people on the rainy day
Rebecca looking sweet and innocent...right
Ryan and his mural
Ryan dancing with Steph
Thomas wearing armor
Thomas with me
Thomas recieving his pillow (note attatched said: We thought you should get to sleep with SOME chicks at camp...)
Thomas with his chicks
Thomas wearing a turban...
Tonya and Nicole under an umbrella (all in black- anyone surprised?)
An explanation is very much required for this...Johanna is NOT being a stripper, Ami is simply trying to get M & Ms in her cleavage. Nothing Dr. Julia wouldn't do herself, right?

Other People's Pictures!

Please send Katie some!

From an anonymous source:

Amanda and Ally
The counselors
Hallie, Manda, and Ryan
Manda and Melissa
Manda and Meredith
Manda and Ryan
Meredith, The Hottie, and Hallie
Meredith, David, and Hallie
Meredith, David, and Lauren
Meredith and Jordan
Meredith and Jordan...again
Meredith, Lauren, and Amelia
Meredith and Manda
Meredith and Robert
Meredith and Sarah
Norm! again...
Ryan and Thomas
Amber's group

From Ben Howard:

Pics of the Hot Mamas:
Christa and Steph
Christa and Steph, again
Haley, again
Victoria, again
the Hot Mamas (1)
the Hot Mamas (2)
the Hot Mamas (3)
the Hot Mamas (4)
the Hot Mamas (5)
the Hot Mamas (6)
the Hot Mamas (7)
the Hot Mamas (8)
the Hot Mamas (9)
the Hot Mamas (10)
the Hot Mamas (11)

Other Talent Show Pics:
Corie and Jessie
Corey, Jessie, Tex, and Meg
Norm and Jack
Rachel and Joel

From Jessie Rollins:

Ami and (you guessed it!) her coffee
Monica is bootylicious!
Christa and Jessie
Corey and Ma'ayan
The counselors
The counselors, all spiffied up!
David and Hallie
Dinner Date
Neva drinking Dr. Pepper through a Twizzler (um, ok...)
Buncha people eating...woohoo!
Eric doing...arts and crafts?
The Foxy Mamas
Um, it was a freak rainstorm...really! (and this time, they were telling the truth)
Grise auditorium
Group of random people, unless there's a greater significance I'm missing...
Ma'ayan and her hair massages
Hallie, Lauren, Corey, and Meredith
Jacqui, Ma'ayan, and Jessie
Jessie B...don't ask me what she's doing, I sure don't know!
Jessie, Rodrigo, some other people
The Jester and Marky Marks
Joel and Sarah Jo
Um, Johanna...
Kacie and Corey
Karen and Ben
Laundry Time!
Lil' Spleen and her sidewalk masterpiece
Ma'ayan and Jacqui
Manda and Meredith
Mr. Homemaker Wermeling
Neva and Jessie
Neva playing pool
PDA patrol cam!
Priya and Priya
Priya, Sneha, and Priya
Chris on the racing game
Randy + other guys
Rezwan, James, and Ryan
Right side up...or upside down?
Roger and the Alexs
Ryan, Meagan, and Priya
Neva and Chi Chi on a Sunday
Some people on the stairs
The Jessies