Send me pictures, PLEASE. I want them ALL.

the 4th years
the 4th years again
the a capella group, with Chi Chi
Adam got iced!
...more of the icing attack
The albino squirrel (he's there, i promise)
It's Anne Marie!
And it's Brittany!
Michelle and Brittany before the play
Cassie and Spencer, how cute.
They're cute, even when they're blurry!
Chi Chi rawks!
*And* he has ice cream
It's Cizzolleen!
Humanities class on break- Colleen, Anne Marie, Rainey, Kendra
Clay got into Mr. Clean's pants!
And you know you all want Clay's butt
Colligan laughing is the funniest thing in the world. witness the hilarity. (there are two pictures, so make sure you see them all.)
Speaking of Colligan...
More Colligan! This time, as pagan spring goddess...
Colleen so cuuute!
I *hate* this song, and it followed me EVERYWHERE
In Memorium of the conversation pit...
David's my hero!
David A, Jack Hornsby, and Sideshow Bob, in all their glory
David A, Neva, Jon, Colligan, and The Hat
Susan, Brittany, and Amber. yay!
Deepa! and Casey!
Deepa! and Casey! again!
This year's mock fountain, w00t!
Amber's group, purtied up for the banquet
Half the group in the hall...
...and the other half.
Amber's group, being weird.'s Humanities. muy blurry.
Jesse, in DUC
awwww, Johanna!
Jon so cool.
Katherine S., Clay, Cassie, and Spencer's legs
My 4 favorite people ever. OK, 4 of my favorite people ever. Khotso, Mo, Reagan, Colligan
This one has two people- Khotso and Khotso's fro
Doesn't Marcia look...TA-ish?
Megan M, Maggie, and Ryan.
Miriam! yay!
The Mo.
Mo's mug shot
Nick and his monster. er, project.
haha. it's my head. whoopsy!
I think this was another mistake...i'm so good at those.
random people on Saturday morn
Free Bird! Play Some Skynard!
Polly is hella cool
AUGH! i hr! reagan is my other hero.
My favorite roomie from this year. but blurry.
My favorite roomie from this year, and now you can see her!
The view from DUC. I miss it.
Susan, Anne Marie, Rainey, and Ruth, preparing to enter the the-ay-treh
Thomas is SOOO attractive, isn't he?
Virginia, wheee!
yay for Walt. He's cool.
William is almost as attractive as Thomas!
If you can name this butt, you get a prize! (if you are initmately acquainted with the butt, you don't count. you know who you are.)

from Thomas:

more Anna!
David A and Chris are Bad Boys.
Look at Ervin, he so sexy!
Johanna looks so sweet and innocent...
the Evil Three/the hippie pit/the Unholy Trinity
the Eviler Three
Me (Katie) being freakish with a rose.
I want to have Mike's Babies!
Mo and her boots
Norm roxors my boxors
and, sometimes, he's ghizzetto!
um...Thomas and Adam are settling their disgreements
Sleepytime for *that's* what the counselors do while we're at class!

from Mo(rgan) Giles:

Alex wailing on her pseudo-guitar
Chris Taylor as the Wife of Bath
It's Colligan, can we guess what he's doing?
David A. after being prettied up by Mo G. and Erin O.
Graham Gallagher and his earthburger
Graham getting high off his shoe
Graham, making his squirrel face
Jon is surprised about something...
Me (Katie) as pagan goddess!
Khotso + fro
Mo(rgan) G., Katie Jones, Reagan, and Meredith
Meredith and her voodoo doll
It's REAGAN!!!
Reagan and the hall ball
Thomas giving Joel a piggyback ride