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These VAMPY pages were created and written by me, Hank Zimmerman. I got the idea to write the pages from Wake Norris, as well as the space to put them on the Web. In exchange, all I asked was space to put my home page on the web, which I hopefully got.

I must also give credit to Wake for the basic format of the pages, if you look at the GSP and the VAMPY home pages, you will see a lot of similarities. Remember, the GSP pages were written first, and by Wake.

Thanks also goes to Dr. Julia Roberts, for inspiration and for providing a wonderful place for kids who were (are) a little bit too smart for their own good to come together and realize that they are not alone. May there always be a place like that, whether it is VAMPY, GSP, or some other program.

I think that is about it for me for now.

-9 October 1995


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