The Center for Gifted Studies's
20th. Anniversary

I received this note from Tracy Inman, from the Center for Gifted Studies:

Hello Participants of The Center's Program: We're planning a celebration -- and we need your help! This year marks the 20th year that The Center has provided services to young people who are gifted and talented, their parents, and their educators. On July 7, 2001, we're hosting a Homecoming, an all-American celebration. And of course, you're invited!

We want to invite everyone who's ever been a part of us -- Super Saturdays, SCATS, VAMPY , travel-- even all the teacher programs we've provided. Here we need some help. Could you please forward this to all your siblings and friends who've been a part of The Center? We're asking that everyone who receives this to please contact us to update your address, phone number, and email -- and then pass it on! We want to make sure everyone receives an invitation to our Homecoming. We'll let you know the details in the mailing.

You can call us: 270.745.6323 or fax us: 270.745.6279 or email us: or

Thanks so much. And we look forward to seeing you this summer!

Tracy Inman, Associate Director


Last updated: 4 April 2001

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