The Lyrics

by Jon Whitney


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Not so long ago, in a school not far away
There was a little kid who we'll call Jack
He did his math and his reading well
His teachers thought that this was swell
So when summer came he had to up and pack
His parents followed the roadside map
And left him at this summer camp
Where America's weirdest fanatics
Talk about Frisbee and quantum mechanics
I can't remember what I felt inside
If something deep inside me died
Or if something woke and came alive
The day the fourth years cried

And they were singin'
My, my, to my TA says I
The elevator maybe later but please don't ask me why
Get to your floors, it's already time
Or Hank is going to get you they cry
Or Hank is gonna getcha they cry

Did you know the physics TA
Is a martial artist extraordine
He measures speed with Dr. J
My, the biggest hills I've ever seen
Get 180 kids to come to Bowling Green
Where we party, I mean study, all day
Well they found asbestos in the computer lab
And we lost the only AC we had
So we went to Gilbert soon
But then the fire alarm blew
We were standing in our PJs when Dr. Roberts came
With a garden hose to waste the flame
We gave the firemen stickers with their names
So it was all okay


Helter skelter in the summer swelter
Dancing in the Downing University Center
Where we jump, shout, slow dance and swing
And at 7 : 4 5 they told the tale
Of how a half glass of water is a too full pail
And how deep thinking causes brain rotting
Wel, the girls too long coming down the steps
And the guys took times and placed their bets
Dennis guessed 7 : 5 2
And somehow it came true
Or going out with Hank on a run
At no later than 6 : 5 1
It's too early for me but it might have been fun
Assuming I didn't die


They say when you're having fun time really flies
The past three weeks have flown me by
And I'll be the first to cry
The day the fourth years cry
The friends I have will last my whole life long
Part of me stays when I move on
I'll take only memories and this song
And thanks for the great times
But my friends now don't you cry
We'll have each other, you and I
Together from the die
To that VAMPY reunion in the sky

Or Hank is gonna getcha they cry


Last updated: 24 July 2000

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